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Excellence Attitude offers coaching and people risks management services to organizations. Needs are plenty and consulting or training do not provide a good enough solution. They don’t change the structure operating mode of individuals or organizations. They only fuel or give flesh to the existing underlying structure. Coaching allows to change the structure that people operate under in order to meet change challenges people face when complexity rises, when competition changes, when the environment creates new conditions. Instead of reproducing old ways of operating that became obsolete, coaching will help them to find new ways.

"The greatest and most important problems of life are all fundamentally unsolvable. They can never be solved but only outgrown”" (Carl Jung)



-To grow, develop your leadership,
-To perform better
-To prepare significant change
-To enable faster adaptation to change
-To create team synergy
-To develop creativity and initiative
-To prepare important negotiations
-To perpare responsibility change
-To manage a crisis situation

If you already tried and faced failure, if you want lasting change, then coaching a real must have.

Coaching addresses organizations of all sizes. It is based upon methodologies coming from research that took place in Palo Alto about human systems. Techniques that they allowed to develop are recognized, particularly:
- Organizations systems theory,
- Neurolinguistic programming,
- Process Com.


-Have we got the right people?
-How to reduce absenteism or agressivity?
-How to detect and evaluate risk situations?
-How to manage performance without stress?
-How to manage trauma situations?
-How to manage crisis?
-How to enable people evolution?

For some, people risks among which psycho-social risks have been overpublicised in the media. In reality, they are the other side of deep evolution trends of our socio-economic environment which create new conditions that bear all too real consequences upon behaviors, health of people anf upon results of organizations. This mus be part of organizations strategies with respect to their social respnsibility:
-Diagnostic and evaluations
-Action plans for organization developement on the people side
- Implementation of individual support resources