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Stress in companies – introduction (Training - 1/2 day)

Training designed for managers.

  • What is stress about? Why bother?
  • Is it just another media fashion?
  • What is at stake for companies and organizations?

You will learn how to recognize stress, deal with it as a manager with the right attitude.

coaching stress en entreprie

Crisis, people and management (1 day workshop)

Crisis in our environment are embedded in one another. What is their impact on your people? How to manage them in this context?

coaching crise homme et management

Performance and personal ecology (Seminar – 3 days)

Sustainable performance requires that you account for the human factor and people's individual ecology. Excellence is the art of being able to perform sustainably and whith full respect for your own integrity. This seminar aims at giving simple tools to learn this approach to excellence and be able to apply it in real life.

coaching ecologie personnelle

Debriefing traumatic events (Seminar – 2 days)

Teaching key people in your organization who could be involved with the need to accompany people who lived trauma, right after it happens. The methodology has been developed by medical professionals in collaboration with the Red Cross to help people in the war zone or on natural disasters right after things happened. Handling suicide, accidents and key traumatic events in the organization is often done by HR people or nurses not trained to do it and who find themselves disarmed. You can equip them for a limited investment.

coaching debriefing evenement traumatique

Managing stress (1 Day)

Training on simple techniques for coping with stress at work. .