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web-coaching-service WEB COACHING:

Coaching requires a contact that is as complete as possible, but there can be a benefit (Focus) to have a more limited contact channel - through a simple phone or via Internet in videoconference.

Why web coaching?

- Less time on the road,

- More flexible contact times,

- No distance problems,

- Lower costs.

How will it work?

- Skype and a webcam on a computer with a good network acces,

- An office or a private room where the person coached can remain focused

- One hour sessions every fortnight, .

Webcoaching offers:

- One hour mirror session - a simple way to unlock a minor difficulty or gain clarity in anaysing what you really want/need out of a situation. .

                        Download our Webcoach One Hour Mirror brochure  

 - 3 sessions for clarification of objectives, when you don't know anymore which direction to take, or what to do next. .

                                    Download our Webcoach Clarification brochure    

 - Exceutive Coaching a complete coaching if you need to go all the way to finding a new approach to an overcome some obstacle, for adapting to a new situation, for leading, for changing, when managing time to meet the coach in person is difficult de to distance or availability. 

                        Download our Wecoach Exceutive Coaching brochure    

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